Saturday, June 6

Rowe Pottery

When we were out rambling this week we found a couple pieces of Rowe Pottery, so if any of you Rowe Pottery Collectors are interested, come see us, the crock seems to be marked 1983, as best as these old eyes can tell! BOTH PIECES ARE SOLD.


Saltbox Farm said...

Hey Addie, I love the crock. Of course we love all our crocks don't we? LOL Pretty nice one though, it won't last long.

Jen said...

Thanks Brunie! We do love our crocks!

basketsnprims said...

I love crocks and I was lucky enough to find a Rowe pottery bowl at a garage sale. I would love to come visit you but too far to drive. Have a wonderful day.

Jen said...

I used to leave here at the house every Satuday at 7 to go to garage sales, sometimes I would find a few things, but it got so bad, that I would just waste gas, so I quit going, and some would want shop prices, you found a great find! Now when I lived in Ohio, I really would do well, its just hard here.