Friday, October 30

In Another Life......

This was a cement smoothing tool, but don't they make wonderful towel holders?
I often wonder what my Grandmother, Addie Grace would think if she saw some of the things we do, coffee dying to make things look old, using mule bits, and cement tools for towel holders, what would she say? Oh she was a character and its hard to say what would come out of her mouth!
Must admit the cement towel holder idea came from my good friend Brenda!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, October 29

Counting Down the Days!

And we are getting closer and closer.....Dee, Herb and I worked on the Red Shed this week, and its really coming together! Will take a pic tomorrow, hopefully. The Shed will be closed this weekend, since we have already started decorating it. Remember we will be open this weekend, then will close on Monday and be closed all week and reopen on Saturday. We are having the open house two days this year, Saturday and Sunday.
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, October 23

Open House, Just Two Weeks Away!

Hard to believe that our Christmas Open House is just two weeks away! Where does the time go? The other day Herb says, "do you have more coming in?", I said "Yes, why?", then he says, "Well, I don't know where your going to put it, the upstairs is running over". And hes right, it is! Today Dee worked up there making wreaths, and a wonderful centerpiece with these fantastic lights we just got in. I saw these at market and thought they were so cool, they are tiny rice like lights on stems, everyone in the showroom was ordering them and one lady told me that she couldn't get them in fast enough, so we shall see what you think. I tried to take a picture, but its so hard to tell anything from them, and they don't look as cool with fall sprigs as they do with Christmas greenery. We have some wonderful handmades that I think you will love! They are from all over, and some from here in NC too! Of course Dees wreaths are the best, and shes been doing lots! We also just got in some of those rice lights with the switch that you can change the settings on to make them chase, flicker, fade, and well.....there are 8 different settings, but boring ol me, I like the steady burn the best. We sold out of these last year and I wasn't able to get anymore, the company had sold out as well. Anyway this will be our 13th open house and I think its going to be the best one yet!
I will post a pic of the light stems, but they are much better in person.
Remember the open house will be on Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 1-5, November 7 & 8.
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, October 9

Farm Table

Jen at Just Country!

We Love Cupboards!

Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, October 4

Great Day At Cameron!

Well, the Fall Cameron show is history, we had a wonderful day, got to see alot of good friends and we had a great time. Sold lots of things and met some new people. Now our next event will be the Christmas Open House, will come all too fast.
Anyway, Herb took a few pics at the show. Enjoy.
Jen at Just Country!