Monday, January 28

Few Pics of Dees Home

Some of her flock....
 Hey the one in the back looks like hes singing.
 She said this is her laundry room....wish mine looked like that.
 She calls this her wall of wire.
 A Christmas shot she failed to send earlier.
 Winterberries from her winterberry bush.
Great shots Dee!!!  Thanks for sharing them with us!
Jen at Just Country!

Shop Pics Taken by Dee

Seems Dee brought her Ipad to the shop the other day and snapped a few pictures...ok, she put me to shame!
 Some quilted Runners.
 Primitive Kitty
 Bird eggs?
 Postal Scale
 Linens on small ladder
 Tallow Berrys grown right here...
 When we hung this piece on the wall, someone fell in love with it.  Long gone.
 Cloth Geese, American made.
Bunny hanging around on a wreath!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, January 12

Wednesday, January 9

Make it Country!

Just got this in!

Jen at Just Country!