Thursday, April 28

Tobacco Stick Candleholder....

Asked Herb if he could make a candleholder out of tobacco sticks, this is what he came up with, I like it, how bout you?

Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, April 21

Happy Easter!

This past week has been a rough one for alot of people in this area. Hope this finds you in good health and those of you that lost your homes, I hope this finds you rebuilding, I can't even imagine what some have gone through. I hope you will be with your loved ones on Easter and are in good health!
We will be closed on Easter Sunday, but will be open on Monday.

Took some pictures of our roses, they are doing really well this year, and a bike we put a basket of flowers in.


Bless you all!

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, April 8

Solar Lid Lights

Just off the UPS truck, solar lid lights. Its a jar lid, with a solar light in it(have one sitting out in the sun right now), you put it on your jar, and when its dark, it will light up! You can put all kinds of things in the jar, childrens pictures, collections, or whatever your heart desires! Something new for the gadget lover in us all! And they are weatherproof, so you can use them on your porch or where ever! I just took this one, put rosehips in it(hey, all I could think of) and there it was, all lit up!

Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, April 7

For Marilyn, In Alaska.....and Marilyn in Utah

Some of them are starting to turn green, you asked just in time. Enjoy!

Jen at Just Country!

In Honor of Stoneybrook Steeple Chase this Weekend

Dee did this old tool box up in hold stirrups, riding cap, whip, horseshoes, etc, it looks better in person.

Jen at Just Country!