Thursday, April 7

For Marilyn, In Alaska.....and Marilyn in Utah

Some of them are starting to turn green, you asked just in time. Enjoy!

Jen at Just Country!


Gayle said...

I'll bet that my friend Marilyn who asked for the picture - so pretty! We're still in the grip of winter here in Utah - has been snowing for the last three days!

Jen said...

Gayle, Seems I messed up, it was Marilyn in Alaska, not sure how I did that, but I did.

Marilyn said...

Yes Gayle, I also wanted the photo. I love them. I was going to go to Atlanta to the dogwood festival this week but just didn't have time. My daughter Julie picked some for me but didn't get them pressed in time so this photo is the next best thing. They are beautiful. I know where all 4 dogwood trees are here in Bountiful. One is pink, but they are all small little trees and certainly not out in bloom yet. I love this flower.
So Marilyn in Alaska I hope you enjoy these as much as this Marilyn in Utah. :)

Jen said...

Ah I wasn't crazy after all!!!! There is still hope for me!!!! YES!!!!!