Friday, April 8

Solar Lid Lights

Just off the UPS truck, solar lid lights. Its a jar lid, with a solar light in it(have one sitting out in the sun right now), you put it on your jar, and when its dark, it will light up! You can put all kinds of things in the jar, childrens pictures, collections, or whatever your heart desires! Something new for the gadget lover in us all! And they are weatherproof, so you can use them on your porch or where ever! I just took this one, put rosehips in it(hey, all I could think of) and there it was, all lit up!

Jen at Just Country!


Green Creek Primitives said...

Thats really neat, never have heard of those, what will they think of next. Thanks for sharing. Vicky

Angela said...

I love the idea. Are you selling them on line?