Friday, July 30


We got some really neat wine glasses in that are all bubbly since they are handblown, they have a great early look.
I thought this was neat, Dee took a wooden mallet and put cookie cutters on it, pretty cool, don't ya think?

Collect tinware, we have lots of neat pieces.

This table has a really neat reproduction wedding ring hogscraper candlestick, a nice big crow, some neat artificial bittersweet, speaks fall, huh?

Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, July 28

A Primitive Place Magazine!

Has just arrived! I just got home from a trip to town and there they were on the porch. This magazine is great, hardly any advertising and tons of wonderful pictures to drool over. This is their Primier copy, and if the others are as great as this one, its gonna be fantastic! Supplies are limited.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, July 24

So Ready for Fall!

We don't put out fall, usually until August 1, but I keep sneaking out bits and pieces.....why? Cuz it makes me happy, I love fall. I have a hard time buying for spring and summer, but I love to buy for Fall. Heres a couple pieces I sneaked out this morning.....shh....don't tell, ok?
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, July 19


I just did the drawing for the gift certificates and was going through the names and addresses and we had people from all over the state, and although she didn't sign up, we also had Jill from Columbia, SC. We had people from Fayetteville, Maxton, West End, Ash, Holly Springs, Aberdeen, Ft. Bragg, Lumberton, Goldston, Supply, Pembroke, Asheboro, Eagle Springs, Whiteville, Waxhaw, Rockingham, Southport, Raeford, Pinehurst, Monroe and Chadbourne. We primitive lovers are all over the state!!! We are EVERYWHERE!
Now for the drawing, the winners are:
Mary Locklear, Maxton, Alice Cole, West End, Robin Blake, Fayetteville, Iris Tew, Fayetteville.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, July 17

Customer Appreciation Sale is Huge Success!

And why not? Our customers are the BEST! The sale continues tomorrow, so if you got home and started thinking of something you have to have, come on back. Or if you had to work or had something else going on, the sale continues!
There is some heavy concentration going on here.
Does Angie see something that she forgot to get?
Decorating Dee, hard at it, all the time!

This is that silly Denise, testing out her jug she "had" to have, she is a Wild One! Joyce is just watching and shaking her head!

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, July 16

All We Need is YOU!

Hope to see you at 10 in the morning!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, July 15

Look At Those Legs!


Those good lookin farm table legs!!! Herb just finished this farm table and he used some early legs hes been holding onto for awhile, don't they look nice?

Don't forget, we will be closed tomorrow.

Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, July 14

We're Gettin' Ready!

We have been working, getting things ready, today I went and picked up some great birdhouses. And guess what else? The books from Judy came today! WooHoo! I haven't got to really look at it, but it gives my heart such joy to see books with things we love, firkins, pantry boxes, baskets, crocks, old cupboards, pie safes, treenware, pewter, as they say"Be still my heart".
Remember we will be open tomorrow but will be closed on Friday, the sale starts at 10 on Saturday. I know I have made some people upset in the past for not honoring the sale before, if they had to work or go out of town, but I am only trying to be fair, we have some ladies that come to every open house, and stand out in line, sometimes in not so nice weather and it wouldn't be fair to them to let others get the sale before its supposed to start. Believe me, I know how it feels, I pretty much work every weekend, and miss out on lots of great sales. I just want to be fair. If I have upset anyone, then I apoligize.
Hope to see ya on Saturday!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, July 10

The Comfort of Home

Judy called me this week and the new book,The Comfort of Home will be shipping sometime next week, and maybe, just maybe we will have them for our Customer Appreciation sale on Saturday and Sunday, crossing fingers and toes here!
We got the new Country Sampler in, its the fall issue and there are a couple really great prim homes featured. Oh how I love those warm homey fall colors!
Well, I need to get out and give the flowers a drink before the heat gets here.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and maybe you will come see me!
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, July 9

Big Boy Decked Out!

Here is Big Boy, the big corner cupboard all decked out. Dee decorated it in alot of horsey type things, I think it looks great, wish I had a place for it at home. I LOVE cupboards!!!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, July 8

Summertime and the Heat is On!

How are you all holding up under this heat wave? It seems to be everywhere, up in New
England, Ohio, Michigan. I think some are starting to get a break from it, I am hoping we do too.
We are getting ready for our Customer Appreciation Sale next weekend, the 17th & 18th. Hope we have a cooler day for it, but if not, there will be plenty of ice cold lemonade. Don't forget, we will be closed on Friday the 16th.
Its always fun to see everyone and see everyone chatting with one another and having a good time.
I wanted to share this picture of a little pine table Dee did up in Americana, we do Americana here all year, everyone loves it!
Well, now its a few hours later, got busy in the shop, and we are getting RAIN!!!! I am hoping this is our cool front!!!!
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, July 4

Happy 4th of July!

Wow, it seems like it was just yesterday I posted Happy Memorial Day!!! Time sure flys!
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!
Thanks to all the military for keeping us "Home of the Free".
Have a great day!!!!
Jen at Just Country!