Thursday, July 8

Summertime and the Heat is On!

How are you all holding up under this heat wave? It seems to be everywhere, up in New
England, Ohio, Michigan. I think some are starting to get a break from it, I am hoping we do too.
We are getting ready for our Customer Appreciation Sale next weekend, the 17th & 18th. Hope we have a cooler day for it, but if not, there will be plenty of ice cold lemonade. Don't forget, we will be closed on Friday the 16th.
Its always fun to see everyone and see everyone chatting with one another and having a good time.
I wanted to share this picture of a little pine table Dee did up in Americana, we do Americana here all year, everyone loves it!
Well, now its a few hours later, got busy in the shop, and we are getting RAIN!!!! I am hoping this is our cool front!!!!
Jen at Just Country!


Angie said...

hope you're staying cool~it is so terribly hot here too~please send some rain this way! i really hope to visit your shop sometime in the fall!

Jen said...

Will be anxious to meet you in the fall, I am so ready for fall!
Hope to meet you soon!