Monday, July 19


I just did the drawing for the gift certificates and was going through the names and addresses and we had people from all over the state, and although she didn't sign up, we also had Jill from Columbia, SC. We had people from Fayetteville, Maxton, West End, Ash, Holly Springs, Aberdeen, Ft. Bragg, Lumberton, Goldston, Supply, Pembroke, Asheboro, Eagle Springs, Whiteville, Waxhaw, Rockingham, Southport, Raeford, Pinehurst, Monroe and Chadbourne. We primitive lovers are all over the state!!! We are EVERYWHERE!
Now for the drawing, the winners are:
Mary Locklear, Maxton, Alice Cole, West End, Robin Blake, Fayetteville, Iris Tew, Fayetteville.
Jen at Just Country!

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