Wednesday, July 28

A Primitive Place Magazine!

Has just arrived! I just got home from a trip to town and there they were on the porch. This magazine is great, hardly any advertising and tons of wonderful pictures to drool over. This is their Primier copy, and if the others are as great as this one, its gonna be fantastic! Supplies are limited.
Jen at Just Country!


Grammee Linda said...

This was our maiden voyage and we are just going to get better!! Thanks so much for your kind words!

Jen said...

I love it Linda, and I am wondering if I should have ordered more,not sure who subscribed and who didn't, but you guys did an awesome job! How can it get better? Love everything about it!

denise said...

i can't wait to get mine.

Lydia said...

can't wait to get mine - checking the mailbox daily!