Wednesday, July 14

We're Gettin' Ready!

We have been working, getting things ready, today I went and picked up some great birdhouses. And guess what else? The books from Judy came today! WooHoo! I haven't got to really look at it, but it gives my heart such joy to see books with things we love, firkins, pantry boxes, baskets, crocks, old cupboards, pie safes, treenware, pewter, as they say"Be still my heart".
Remember we will be open tomorrow but will be closed on Friday, the sale starts at 10 on Saturday. I know I have made some people upset in the past for not honoring the sale before, if they had to work or go out of town, but I am only trying to be fair, we have some ladies that come to every open house, and stand out in line, sometimes in not so nice weather and it wouldn't be fair to them to let others get the sale before its supposed to start. Believe me, I know how it feels, I pretty much work every weekend, and miss out on lots of great sales. I just want to be fair. If I have upset anyone, then I apoligize.
Hope to see ya on Saturday!
Jen at Just Country!

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