Friday, October 30

In Another Life......

This was a cement smoothing tool, but don't they make wonderful towel holders?
I often wonder what my Grandmother, Addie Grace would think if she saw some of the things we do, coffee dying to make things look old, using mule bits, and cement tools for towel holders, what would she say? Oh she was a character and its hard to say what would come out of her mouth!
Must admit the cement towel holder idea came from my good friend Brenda!
Jen at Just Country!


Saltbox Farm said...

Hey Addie, isn't that truth about our Grandmom's? They'd probably just shake their heads at us and smile! Cool idea from Brenda though ") Thanks for sharing it!

regina said...

Hi Jen, I just read your grandmother's name and couldn't believe it. My great niece just turned two Sept. 24th. Her name is Adie Grace. Long A sound. She was named after an old friend of the family's, Adene. All the kids called her Adie so when my niece was born her mom, my niece, named Adie after Adene.

Jen said...

I would love to be able to spend a couple hours with my Grandma Brunie, just to talk to her, ya know?

Jen said...

Your not going to believe this, but I also have a great niece, and her name is also Addie Grace, but she was named after her great, great Grandmother. I think my niece is 4.