Sunday, June 24

Could This be the Year for the Tallow Berries?

It was back in 2003, when some of my primitive friends and customers decided we should have a Gathering, and they invited Jimsey and I to tour their homes, what a fun day that was, we  had a blast.  The homes were all wonderful.  When we toured Lisa's home, she had a tallow berry tree, and there were seedlings all around it, so she dug Jimsey and I up one, here it is 9 years later.  We have gotten a few off it the last couple years but we are hoping this year, we will have even more.   They are usually ready to cut around November.
 Here is a close up.  See the wormy looking things?
 And here we are, remember this was 9 years ago, we have changed somewhat through the years, I am sure you recognize some of the faces from open houses.
Thats me in the front left, then Libby Fisher, Cynthia George, back row from left is Lisa Stanley, Jimsey Johnson, and Lonese Powell.
Ok, I need to add that my very good friend Barb Pyatt was with us that day, and it seems shes the one that took the picture, I am sorry Barb, we love you!!!!
Jen at Just Country!


earlene said...

You lucky girl...those trees are so pretty.
I love those kind of days with prim friends...touring.
enjoy your Sunday.

Karen said...

What a fun gathering.
I love it when blogging/forum friends can meet up and have a great time.
And to receive the seedling that is now ready to produce some wonderful berries for you...lucky gal.

I bought some a couple years ago from someone from the south and now I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember who...but I loved those bunches. Have two left and are in displays....


Jen said...

It was a fun day, we all enjoyed ourselves. Karen, I have tallowberries I have had for about 9 years, they last forever, just have to knock the dust off once in awhile.

Cynthia said...


Oh, what a relaxing day this was filled with fun, love, joy, and peace. Can’t believe you found this picture.

Earlene and Karen from reading your response I already wish you were present also. Sounds as if we have similar interest in primitives. Wish you could be here during Jenny, Herbie, and Dee Open House celebrations (Spring, Summer, Customer Appreciation, Fall, and etc). Several of the customers meet early of the morning of Opening House and socialize before it is time for the shop to open. We (the customers) have gotten to know each other very well and if someone is absent we immediately begin to ask questions to the customers or Jenny. We look forward to hearing update information from each other whether it is related to magazines, our parents, children, and of course “grandchildren” are always in the discussion by someone.

Several pieces of our primitives and antiques were purchased from Jenny and Herbie over the past several years. In addition, some items came from our friend (Barbara) also (we wish she was still in the Wilmington area). On this day we started early of the morning and actually went from home to home until we actually dropped. At the end of the day, we actually sat back and discuss items of interest (primitives pieces, cross-stitch, quilts, decorations) in each other homes. This is one of our (Lib, Lisa, Loneese, and myself) best remembrance days and I am sure we will never forget it. We must remember Kim for opening her home to us also.

Jenny, glad you may have some tallow berries this year. Don’t forget to gather them early.

Thanks for remembering our day of outing and look forward to planning another day one of these days. After all, we have to take better picture.


Barbara said...

Wow, Jen.I remember that day...what fun! And each home we visited was so awesome, as well as the home's hosts. Would love to do it again. Love you and Cynthia, Libby, Lisa and Loneese! p.s. Think I was the one behind the camera that day..

Barbara said...

Wow, Jen.I remember that much fun and each home was so awesome as well as the home's hosts.I would love to do it again sometime. Love and miss you all...Cynthia,Libby,Lisa and Loneese. p.s.Think I was behind the camera that day..pretty good work, huh? LOL

Jen said...

Thanks for your kind words Cynthia, you are one special lady!!!!