Friday, November 20

Lots of Great Handmades Left!

Here is an Amish Buggy seat, we have on a farm table, in a nice red paint.

Look at his sweet little Granny, isn't she just great?
The details on this one are unbelieveable, with his button up vest, his wool coat and pants, not to mention the details to his face and beard, hes just awesome!

This is a dapper looking snowman with his red toboggan and his scarf, carrying his star, love his chubby belly!
Jen at Just Country!


Saltbox Farm said...

Love that buggy seat Addie. Wouldn't that look great on a porch with some greens and berries?


Jen said...

That one is sold, but we have another one on the porch of the shed, need to take a pic of it, its really neat too.