Sunday, December 28

Open New Years Day!

Have had several people call and ask if we will be open on New Years Day, and the answer is YES, we will be. Will be open from 10-5, so while the men are watching football, if your not really into football, you can come and get your primitive fix.
Yesterday we got to see our friends that now live in Carlise, Pa, Rebecca Hayes and her family stopped by on their way home from Georgia, always good to see them and their boys, who are both, ALL boy, Will found a pumpkin we had put in the woods and came out dragging it, to take back to Pa, he carried that thing about 1/2 an acre. They are both such sweet little guys!!! And they are growing up so fast.
Wanted to share with you some new dipped strands of lights we got in, but I forgot to take a picture, but will do it tomorrow, they are 35ct strands of lights that are dipped and oh so prim, they are selling like hotcakes and I will need to get in another order. Anyway, more on that tomorrow. We also have single bulbs that are dipped, that are really cool!!!


Saltbox Farm said...

Hey Addie, I can vouch for those lights without a picture! They're great aren't they? Wait till our customers see the new ones for spring, huh?
Brunie : )

Jen said...

Yes Brunie, got a pic here, I am getting ready to post, not the best photographer in the world but do what I can.