Tuesday, April 20

Heres to you Grandpa!

My Grandpa used to do lawns for people, and he had a bad leg, from a railroad tie falling on it, so he would push a push cart, with his push mower, and garden tools, inside. I used to comment that I sure wish I had Grandpa's old push cart. Well, about 10 years ago, for Christmas, to my surprise, Herb had made me one. Ten years of being in the weather had done a number on it, and this week Herb fixed it back up, now its lookin good again and yesterday we put some pots of red, white and blue petunias in it. Hopefully they will fill it with lots of color.
On that Christmas that Herb presented it to me, he had put it in the side yard, with flood lights on it and had me come into the kitchen, and there it was. I must say, that was one of my best Christmas presents!! Everytime I look at it I remember that special Christmas and my "Grandpa".
Jen at Just Country!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

That is wonderful, please show a pic when the flowers are grown and full...your hubby sure is a keeper to build and surprise you in that special way:0


Anonymous said...

Wonderful....love your cart, I bet the petunias will be beautiful.

Saltbox Farm said...

What a great story Addie.....not to mention a wonderful memory ") Love the cart, Herbie did good, as always.


Saltbox Farm said...

Such a great story Addie...not to mention a wonderful memory") The cart is great, Herbie did good, as always!