Sunday, April 25

Cameron Antique Fair

This week we will be working our tails off, getting ready for the Cameron show. They are doing something different this year, they are letting us set up on Friday morning(April 30), then we can start selling at noon. I hope alot of vendors take advantage of this I know we will be there, and our friends from the mountains, Barb and Giles will be there, so come see us! I have been checking the weather and so far its looking good, but you may want to bring some sunscreen, it seems each day the temperature is higher than the day before. Course our tent is air conditioned! LOL! It really is alot cooler in our tent than most others.....I am serious! Must be that ugly silver, not real prim but it does the trick.
Oh, and of course Saturday the hours will be 9-5, but by 4, alot of vendors start tearing down,(very tard....long day) so don't wait too long.
Come see us, in our usual spot, behind Miss Belles, beside the little white shed.
The shop will be open, Dee will be there on Friday, and Gail will be there on Saturday.
Jen at Just Country!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I remember Miss Belles! My friend Ina used to live a few houses to the left. I miss seeing Cameron twice a year. Have fun at the fair!!

Jen said...

So you have been to Cameron? Its a fun show, once we get all set up.

Susie@YLP said...

My Mom lives less than a mile from "downtown". By this time next year, I'll be living close enough to come to the fair as well. Who knows, I might even set up a booth. Good luck!