Wednesday, May 22

Show Your Colors!

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, Dee did the farm table in the shop with one of the long tea dyed flags we got in, I love the way it looks!
We will be closed on Monday, Memorial Day.
Summer has gotten off to a rocky start for me, about a month ago, I fell and broke my wrist, I was standing on a stool, that I should never have stood on and away I went, broke my wrist in several places and had to have surgery with a plate put in and screws.  This is the first time I have had a broken bone and I sure hope its the last.  Whatever you do, be careful what you stand on, it can happen so fast and believe me, its not fun!
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day, we will be open regular hours with the exception of Monday, so come see us!
Jen at Just Country!

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