Saturday, December 29

Dees Home with Things from the shop

Dee sent me some pictures to share with you of things she has from here at the shop, wonderful shots of her home.  Thanks Dee!
This Santa was done by Brunie

  •                                     This ones by Brunie.

          This santa is by Brunie.                        

This Bear is an Alta Bear.                                  
The one above is by Old Mother Hubbard.                                                        
                          This santa really pops with the tin and pewter.

                                 Jingle Bell snow in an old jar.
                              Gingerbread garland and santa from the shop.
                              Think this is a Jimsey Bear.
                               I know the bear at the desk is a Jimsey bear.
                                Arnetts Santa.
                     Pie safe and broom and snowmen are from the shop.
Looks wonderful Dee, thanks for sharing with us!

  • Jen at Just Country!


Saltbox Farm said...

Thanks for sharing Dee and Addie...looks like my Santa's have a good home ")

Anonymous said...

LOVE your Santa's Brunie!! Jen, thanks for posting pics of Dee's home, its nice to see how other people decorate!!! Esp with things from your shop!! It was all so awesome!