Saturday, December 1

Baskets, Baskets and Jus Stuff.....

Well, no one seems to want to share pictures with I took some at the shop today...Sonya brought in some more baskets, she keeps saying shes going to retire, then she says she thinks she has a few left in her....shes one hard working woman for sure.
 First we have a pantry lamp that we just got in, its made to look like its made from pantry boxes.
 This is an old NC basket from the Marshville area, this is a nice one and a great price!
 This is one of Dee's wreaths, I love it, if your a horse person, this ones for you!
Ok, how this got at the bottom, I don't know....but heres some of Sonyas baskets, all handmade in Fayetteville.(Shhh....Sonya is almost 81).
Jen at Just Country!

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jennifer768 said...

Beautiful baskets,shop looks wonderful!Hugs,Jen