Saturday, May 1

Cameron Antique Fair!

Day one at the Cameron Antique Fair is past, getting ready for day two. Yesterday wasn't real busy, I don't think alot of people knew it opened at noon yesterday. Lots of fun was had by those that were there though.
Today would be a great day to get out and do some antiquing. Today it runs from 9-5.
My friend Sharon took some neat pictures, and they are on her blog, check it out.
Someone was in the shop last week, asking about bird houses, I saw several booths with some wonderful ones, there were some nice ones in front of the Ferguson House, next to Barb and Giles, also Giles had made some fantastic bee skep houses, and of course his log cabins. There is a mix of handmades and antiques, so there is something for everyone.
And of course stop and say "hey" to Herb and I!
Jen at Just Country!


FayeRaye said...

Hey Jen~~~ I am just down the road in Southern Pines and need to stop by and see you~~~ I saw where my blog friend Linda from Behind My Red Door visited you~~~ Small world~~ Faye

LizziesRaggs said...

When is Cameron Antique FAir going on? Is it always in May? I have a daughter that lives in Pinehurst. Visit a couple times a year. I live in Maine. They have a restaurant in So. Pines called Wolcotts. liz