Sunday, May 30

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone!!!!

Nah, not the Rolling Stone, even better than that!!! Our friend Giles log cabin birdhouse is going to be on the cover of the Fall issue of Merchantile Gatherings fall issue. Looks like a great issue and its to be released around June 25, and its going to have 8 more pages than its had before. When they get to the shop, I will let ya know!
Heres how you can order a log cabin from Giles.
Jen at Just Country!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Thanks for sharing Jen...I'll be anxious for the magazine.
I think my subscription ran out but I'll renew it.



denise said...

that's wonderful!! congrats to your friend.i will be looking forward to my fall issue.denise

Barbara said...

Thanks Jen for putting link on your blog to order a cabin...You're the bestest kinda friend! LOL Blessings..

TeresaM said...

Love the cover picture! Always look forward to the magazine!!!


Old Glory Soldiers said...

Awesome cover! Very simple, love it!!