Tuesday, June 8

Butterflys Everywhere!

Its so funny, about 3 years ago, I planted some lavender, and I also planted some butterfly bushes, well the lavender is swarming with butterflys and there may be one now and then on the butterfly bushes, we usually have alot on our lantana too, but this year they are lovin' the lavender. I know many of you have already seen this, some have even taken pictures, but for those of you that haven't.....enjoy. You can click on the picture to see them better.
The push cart is full of petunias, but seems there were some purple ones in with the red, white and blue ones, its still very pretty.
Jen at Just Country!


Saltbox Farm said...

Oh gosh Addie, they're so pretty and a ton of them to boot!! The lavender looks great too")

Sherrie said...

Enjoyed your beautiful lavender and the multitude of butterflies last Saturday....they were fascinating to watch!!!