Friday, June 18

Coverlets and Pillow Cases

We just got in some new coverlets, and we have pillowcases to match. These are handwoven at Red Lion, Pa. They look so nice with your primitive, or colonial home. They are made just like the old ones. I love them! Here you can see the pillowcases.
These two coverlets are the Angstadt Star pattern, in brown, and they are double size.
These two are King Size, the bottom one is red stripe on linen, and the top one is The Four Locked Heart pattern in linen.

These are Double Peach Seed pattern, they are queen size, we have brick, black and brown.

We are open tomorrow, Saturday June 19. 10-5, and we will be closed on Fathers Day, then reopen on Monday, 10-5.
Jen at Just Country!

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