Thursday, June 24

Its a Big Boy!

We just got this corner cupboard in this week, its a big one, really a great display, and no doors to get in the way, which is nice sometimes if your space is limited, its a big piece but tucking it in a corner, it doesn't take up tons of room. Herb needs to tighten it up some, it had been in a building since 1983, and it is a NC piece from Harnett County. Should have seen us getting that Big Boy out of that building, in these hot temps!!! Whew!
Jen at Just Country!


Angie said...

it's beautiful jen! it's so terribly hot here in reidsville too! try to stay cool!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

That really is a great piece and I like the color


Cherry said...

That is a wonderful corner cupboard, It sure will display all kinds of prims.