Sunday, August 22

Going To Market

Oh boy, you have no idea what its like, people pulling garbage cans on wheels, grabbing, pushing, filling their arms, long lines to pay, and while your waiting another booth is selling out, thats where Herb comes in, I grab what I can, give it to him, and let him wait in line as I move to the next booth. One booth yesterday had the coolest stuff, and I could see this scarecrow in a can I thought was so neat, but this woman was in my way, I couldn't get to him, she was just taking up space talking to the booth owner, so I asked her to pass it to me, as I saw another lady eyeing it, she said she had just had surgery and couldn't get it(well, get out of my way then!), this is when Herb sees my frustration and comes to my rescue and reaches around her and scoops it up for me! I GOT it! Hope someone loves it as much as I did. These ladies had some real original work and their booth was empty in no time. This is what your up against, people with hand carts, trash cans on wheels, long lines, we did what we could, then headed to Springfield antique show, as we walked in, this lady is packing up, storms a comin and she wasn't getting caught in it, others were putting plastic on their tables....we found a few things, but not much at all. Dern!
Got to see Barb and Giles though, they were set up at the Country Gathering building, a barn full of top notch primitive dealers. Their booth looked wonderful as usual,looked like a log cabin.
Will be heading back to NC in the morning, most of what we have will be for the either Christmas open house or the Welcome Fall Gathering on Sept. 4. So hold on! There is alot of new things in the shop though if you haven't been in in a couple weeks, lots of fall, and Dee sold alot of it yesterday.
Jen at Just Country!


Terri at Finder's Keeper's said...

You have my curiosity up, where is Raeford? I am close to Winston-Salem. Would love to see what all you found:)

Jen said...

To get to Raeford from Winston, you go down 52 to Lexington, then get on 64 To Asheboro, from there take 220 S to the Pinehurst exit, get on 211 E, follow 211 all the way to my shop. If you like primitive then you will love our shop.