Tuesday, August 3

Coming Soon!

We have these birdhouses coming in this week. Giles is making them for us and we have the exclusive on them here in NC, they will not be available at any other shop......yep, thats what they told us. He does such a nice job on them, lots of detail and they are all a little different. The top two pics you can see him putting his touches on them, then the final product!
Jen at Just Country!


Maggey and Jim said...

WOW,WOW, I love them..Wish I lived closer??

Linda said...

OMG, I love 'em. They were sold out when I saw her at the Valley show couple of weeks ago. Can you email me a price? Thanks

Jen said...

I can't seem to access your email address, can you send it to me to justcountry211@earthlink.net

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

OMGosh Jen these are beautiful.
I also would like to know the price.