Tuesday, August 31

Broom Corn?

Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't, and Brunie was telling me about it, and of course I just had to have some, its great for hanging on pegs, the colors are so fall looking. Just got some in yesterday.
Got some gourds in too.....dear me, I never knew how much work was involved in cleaning gourds, and now I have been waxing them, I think I have lost my mind. First you put them in water with some fabric softener to loosen the skin, then you get one of those copper scrubbers and scrub, scrub, scrub, then you put them in bleach water and scrub some more(I lost several, guess I put too much power in the scrubbing, they collapsed!), then you let them dry. Well, the other day I was Briwaxing something and tried some on a gourd, and it really gave it a great look, so.......well you know the story.
Jen at Just Country!


Saltbox Farm said...

Hey Addie, don't you love the broom corn...and all the way from good ole Michigan! The briwax on the gourds is great, huh? Forgot to tell you that! Your gals are gonna love all those goodes")

Jen said...

Yes, I love the broom corn!!! Such great fall colors.
And the briwax on the gourds really gives them a nice color....oh but the work...