Friday, April 10

Candles Anyone?

I got these neat candle sleeves and the pans a few weeks ago, thinking they might work with my new grubbie candles.....wrong, the candles I got were too I went searching for a thinner grubbie, and today they arrived, any excuse to order more candles, huh? Do I have a problem or what? Anyway.....we have them in Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Sugar. They look really nice in the glass sleeves with some rosehips.

As posted before, we will be open tomorrow, then closed on Easter Sunday.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter with your families! When the boys were small we used to have the best time hiding eggs over, and over, and over.


Cherry said...

Jen, Those candles really have a prim look. You never can have too many candles.

Jen said...

They do look good Cherry, I am really pleased with them. Good thing you never have too many candles, because I am turning into a candle,...not really, lots of other stuff too.