Saturday, January 9

The Warmth of Home!

We received part of our order of the newest book by Judy Condon today, and although I haven't really got to look at it very much, what I have seen I really liked alot, looks like another winner. In this cold weather we are all having, snuggling up with a book full of eye candy, is what we all need! The story on the last page about the cat is so funny, got to love that!!!

Jen at Just Country!


Sherrie said...

OH Jenny, you're is almost 2am and I have just finished "The Warmth of Home"!!! I just couldn't seem to put it down and I do think it is one of the best! Each home is so individualized and unique in it's own way, and it was heart-warming to see so much eye-candy that we have all been exposed to at Just Country!! Thanks to you, Herbie and Dee for keeping up with the latest and making it available to us!!! We can identify to all the wonderful things in these books because you have made it available to us.
It was another fun trip to the shop today and I am so excited about all the goodies I got with my gift certificate. Will be busy tweaking tomorrow...Hugs, Sherrie

Jen said...

Thanks Sherrie, gonna get me some coffee and start on my book this morning. Can't believe you read it until 2 am!!! My Goodness!
Gonna take a picture today of the vignette you and Joyce worked on and will be posting it tonight. We have some fun times at that shop that is halfway between here and there, don't we?

denise said...

amen sister to that one. i gotta get me one of her books.

Anonymous said...

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