Tuesday, March 3

Another New Candle

Got the other new candles in today, burning one right now, Citrus Grove, the other one is Lavender & Herb, they really have a good look, as you can see, would look good in one of our bubble vases(Need to check and see if they will fit, these are big candles!), or under one of the cylinder sleeves. More for you to look at on Saturday!


Sherrie said...

Nice "put together" Jenny!!!! Looks great on that 'noodle board'. Can hardly wait to sniff the new candles and see the other "goodies"..Later, Sherrie

Saltbox Farm said...

The candle does look great on that wonderful noodle board...those candles are the best!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the look especially with the pewter.