Saturday, March 14

Just News!

Just wanted to post a pic of a couple things we have in new this week. One is a jelly cupboard we found this week and the other is a lantern bracket that Herb made from old NC tobacco sticks. It looks great with the old lanterns we put lights in. We also got more of the Black Crow candles in, more of the clove, Grandma's Kitchen and also Log Cabin.....I LOVE the clove candle!!!

Looks like we may be in for a rainy day tomorrow, so come to the country and see whats new!


Sherrie said...

Nice looking jelly cupboard, Jen. You know I want one of those lantern posts, but I love where I have my lanterns sitting so that means I would have to buy another lantern!!! Oh my, decisions decisions! Glad you got more candles, I am really enjoying Grandma's Kitchen and so glad you finally got one for yourself! Enjoy...Sherrie

Bittersweet Primitives said...

Jen, the jelly cupboard is awesome, what a find. Hats off to Herb's new creation. Such talent. Have a good day today, even with the rain. Sherie

Saltbox Farm said...

Hey Addie, tell Herbie that lantern bracket is great! Like the jelly cupboard too.