Thursday, March 19

Towel Holder Make Dos!

We like to make towel holders out of all kinds of different things, this is a stirrup.
Dee came up with this last week, this is a canner, which she made into a towel holder, pretty neat, don't ya think?


basketsnprims said...

How ingenious! I like the towels, too. Have a great weekend.

Jen said...

Thank you Pam! Added a couple more.

Sherrie said...

Leave it up to Dee to come up with unique ways to use all of our 'ole stuff!! Ya'll do a great job..Love seeing all the new stuff!! Sherrie

Jen said...

Alot of them we have been doing for years, but that canning one, Dee made that one up, and I think its great. What you can do with an old canner!!!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I love that idea, i have one of those old canners!!