Friday, July 31

Well I'll be Dern!!!

I took this shot of the pine mantel, I had just added the fall picks, and it wasn't an hour later, I sold the sconces, they looked so nice there.....well, thats what they were there for, to sell, right? Its just they looked so dern cool!
The other pic shows the picks up close. They are pretty, huh?
Jen at Just Country!


Kay said...

I love it!!!

The Brickhouse said...

Love the pictures and your blog! I have a small craft shop and sometimes I really hate when something that I have in the shop sells..well I don't hate that it sells.... it is just that IT LOOKED SO GOOD IN MY SHOP! LOL

Saltbox Farm said...

Love the mantel Addie! The sconces look(ed) great but good for the sale ")

Jen said...

Thanks Kay!

Jen said...

That happens, huh Patti....but thats what its all about, wish the old stuff wasn't so hard to come by.

Jen said...

Thanks Brunie, I was tempted to keep those sconces but they have a good home!