Thursday, July 30

New Things in the Shop!

Been awhile since I posted last, been a busy time here. We went plundering this week and found a few things, and deliveries keep coming, so the shop is burstin at the seams!

We got some new chairs in and this black bench.

We also found the nicest old carpenters chest that would make a wonderful coffee table, it has two little sliding containers inside that held the carpenters tools, the bottom is one solid wide pine board! Its very heavy, can't imagine what it would weigh loaded with tools!
These are the neatest lawn chairs, was working outside yesterday and went and sat in one and it was so comfortable, next thing I knew I was rockin and starin....course they weren't in front of the shop, they were in the back yard. I have never seen any quite like them, have you?


Sherrie said...

Wish I could have been a little birdie when you were rocking and gazing...not the norm for you!!! I do love those lawn chairs...they won't be there long, so you may want to take another break soon! LOL Have a good week-end. Hugs, Sherrie

Jen said...

Oh Sherrie, I love to have a little stare time, I think its good for the soul!!! Brenda has already spoken for the chairs.