Friday, July 17

Customer Appreciation Sale

I think we are almost ready, Dee, Herb and I have been working all day, finishing up and getting ready and we are there! Herb made some cute things, and I got in some really nice birch wreaths, these came with leaves, at first when I took them out of the box, I didn't think I liked them, but after some fluffing and some rain hitting them, they are wonderful(which reminds me, I never brought one home!), Herb made a pouting chair, a little table top bench,(sold two as soon as he brought them in the shop), and the bed bench. We will have some things under the tent, and several things have been marked down, so check it all over really well. Took a pic of the wreaths and the pouting chair(thanks June for telling me about these), see ya tomorrow!
Jen at Just Country!

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Cherry said...

The wreaths look great. I like them with the leaves also. The one around the candle holder looks wonderful. Have a sucessful day tomorrow. Looks like your customers are in for a treat.