Thursday, July 9

Getting Ready for our Customer Appreciation Sale

Hard to believe its already July 9! Our Customer Appreciation Sale is just 9 days away! Right now it looks like its going to be a hot one, course in 9 days that can always change. Maybe I should get some more lemonade just in case!

Its been a busy time here at home, we had replacement windows put in and we still don't have everything back in place, who would have thought getting replacement windows would be such a mess? Not me!!! It will all work out in due time. Not getting too excited just yet.

We just got in some more of the stained tablecloths from Family Heirloom Weavers, and some other throws and table squares in Herringbone, also got some of their towels, they are really nice!

Still looking for some new old stuff, seems to go almost as soon as we find it. There will be lots to see, so mark your calender!


basketsnprims said...

Love those textiles & other prims. Wish I lived closer.

Jen said...

Thank you Pam, you know the air rates are down!!! LOL!