Monday, February 16

New Old Stuff!

Here are a couple pics of two new old cupboards we got in this week, one is an antique white color, and the inside is the prettiest pine, whoever had it really took good care of it, the dealer I got it from said it was southern yellow pine, the other one had that shiny, gunky brown yuck on the outside of it, which I stripped off, now its a mellow pretty pine, with no shine! Then I just took a pic of the chair and the stool table in front of the fireplace cuz I thought it looked so nice and cozy, like you could curl up and read a good book, or look at one of the great country books by Judy Condon, or Jill Peterson.


SHERRIE said...

Love the new cupboards Jenny!!!! I know they will not be here long, so enjoy them while you can. Wish I was curled up in that chair right now with my stitchin'!!! I had some friends over today and they loved the new litle sticheries I had made.... they too loved the way they looked and felt and liked the idea they could be tucked in so many places. They all left with one so I have got to get busy again..Take care, talk later. Sherrie

Jen said...

Those stitcheries have such a great feel to them, I love them!!! Have mine tucked in a basket here in the kitchen! Have you played with your labels yet?

Sherrie said...

I have not had time today to 'PLAY' with the labels, but who knows what might get done before bedtime???? Sometimes that is when i am at my best. It may have something to do with the peace and quiet.. I do so love keeping my "little ones" during the day but they really require my undevided attention....and yes, they get it. Let me get later. Sherrie

Barbara said... know I'm too far away to grab some of these goodies! Tell me about the cute 'cubby' on top of the brown cupboard...looks like the inside of cubbies is blue? Ya know how I luv blue! Luv ya olde friend...Barb

Jen said...

Hey Barb,
Yes, that cubbie has a blue look to it.....gotta love it, huh? Now you have two things to come for, tobaccy sticks and a cubbie.