Wednesday, February 25

Spring Open House

Well, its just 10 days away and the orders are pouring in, we have boxes in our kitchen, boxes on the front porch, and boxes at the shop....whew!!!! Who is ordering all this stuff? We may need to put up another building! I will take some pics tomorrow when I start getting it put out, Herb is making a few things too, he is making a really nice bed/bench, a farm table, a make do cupboard, an old top and old bottom he is putting together, plus there will be things in the tent as usual.
Well, back at stress here!!!


Sherrie said...

Hi Jen, Sounds like everything is coming together right on time!!!! I know there will be lots of "gotta haves" to tempt us, so I better be saving my pennies!! Get that "stuff" unpacked so we can have a sneak peak.. Sherrie

Jen said...

Thought I might get some pics taken today, but it never happened, priced and priced all day. Maybe tomorrow I can snap a few....will try.

Libby said...

Jennie, Looking forward to open house! Hope the weather will be pretty.
Prim. Friend Libby

Jen said...

From the forcast right now, it looks perfect, but we know how all that can change, sure have gotten lots of rain here today, and possible snow tomorrow!!!!!
See ya Saturday!