Tuesday, January 20

We Got SNOW!!!!

Your not going to think this is a big snow, but for us here in NC it IS!!! I didn't get this taken until this afternoon, it was even prettier this morning. Was making soup, and watching the inauguration, so didn't get out there until later.


Tammy said...

Yes it is beautiful. Love you house and it's surroundings.

We got a sprinkle of snow..

Jen said...

Thank you Tammy, I figured you would have gotten more snow than we did....a real swithch, huh?

angie said...

we only got a dusting~i wanted so much more!!! love the pics!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

It has snowed off and on here for two days...this morning it was 8* but I must say it is pretty and will enjoy it for as long as it lasts:)
Have a wonderful day!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

I've told you before but I'll tell ya again...I LOVE your house, Jen!

Saltbox Farm said...

Oh my gosh Addie, you didn't tell me it snowed in NC!!! Need some driving lessons? : )

Cynthia said...

Your place is beautiful with snow. Can't wait until I go to the shop again.