Thursday, January 8

What a Mess!!!

We had alot of wind here yesterday, and look what it did, it took down an old pine tree, that we knew needed to be taken down. Actually Chad and Herb were going to take it down last weekend, but I mentioned the house needed powerwashed and it was so warm out, they opted to do that instead(actually Chad did it, Herb did the garage), and yesterday Mother Nature took care of the tree. Luckily it didn't hurt anything, was awful close to the propane tank though, which we just had filled. Guess we know what Herb will be doing the next couple of will hear that chain saw a buzzin! Thank you Mother Nature, I was kinda worried about them taking that big old thing down, it was huge.


Pam at Antique or Not said...

We had a lot of high winds here yesterday too, Jen. I lost the cupola on top of my shop! LOL

Jen said...

Yesterday was pretty wild, was sure we would loose power, but it didn't happen, glad today was much calmer.