Friday, March 25

Just Pics!

In a prior life this was a butter churn.
I had this basket of flowers on a previous post but never told you, our basket weaver Sonya, just turned 79 in January.....don't you tell her I told ya!
Wanted to share our dogwoods in bloom, think I post pictures of this every year, don't I? Yawn!!!
Just Jen at Just Country!


LizziesRaggs Primitives said...

Your friend Jen, who makes the baskets--Tell her she is an inspiration to all of us who are older and still loving crafting! Love your dogwood trees. Envy your early spring. We are still in snow.


LizziesRaggs Primitives said...

Sorry I got your basket weaver friends name wrong. I apologize Sonya.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


Marilyn said...

I am so glad you post dogwoods--how about some closer? I LOVE them and here in Utah we don't have them, actually in our city there are 4 trees--I can show you them. They are all very small, it is hard to grow in our soil. I ws going to go to the dogwood festival in Atlanta Ga this month but I changed my mind. So it was wonderful seeing yours.