Tuesday, September 28

Cameron Antique Fair

Herb and I have been working all day getting ready for Cameron. I have a nice firkin that someone put shiny lacquer on, so I took that shine away, this is a nice one too, no staples, copper nails, also worked on one that someone painted yellow, probably was painted back in the 80's, took the shine off it too. Just working on several smalls that needed this or that. What a beautiful day its been. From what I am hearing Friday and Saturday are going to be perfect!
The show is open Friday from noon to 5, then again on Saturday from 9-5, don't wait too late in the day Saturday, because alot of dealers seem to start tearing down around 3 or so.
Hope to see you there. I will be in the shop on Saturday and Herb will be at the show, hope we see you there!!!
Jen at Just Country!

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