Monday, September 6

Welcome Fall Gathering

The Welcome Fall Gathering is now history, we had a fantastic turnout, and I want to thank you all for coming, you came from near and far.
The winners of the gift certificates are Debbie Plocar, Raeford, Treasure Davis, Holly Springs, Pat Cathey, Graham, and Lonese Powell from Whiteville. Congrats!
Next on the agenda is Cameron, which will be on Oct 1 in the afternoon on Friday and then on October 2, on Saturday. Hoping for a nice cool fall day.
Sylvia found these burner tops in an old barn, we thought they would make a nice patio table or be great in a garden, they were used in old tobacco barns, they are the top of the burner, and another part of NC history.
Don't forget we are closed today for the holiday.
Jen at Just Country!

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