Monday, April 23

Sellers, Hoosier, whatever you want to call it.....

It is finished and in the shop, finally.  I spent two days removing the cutesy country blue flowered contact paper....that stuff did not want to leave this cupboard!!!!  Then we had to take the paint off the inside, Herb spent several days on this, finally its in the shop, looking for a new home.  We have a book on these style cabinets and from what we can tell this is a Sellers.  This one probably dates to about 1920, close to being 100 years old.
Someone emailed me about the Cameron Fair, its always the first Saturday in May, and the first Saturday in October, we won't be there this show, but our good friends Barb and Giles will be there.
On your way home, stop and see us here at the shop.
Jen at Just Country!


Anonymous said...

It turned out wonderful! Very very nice!!
Wendy from MO

Saltbox Farm said...

It looks really good you won't have it long!