Tuesday, April 10

I Am A Slacker......

Well, not really just have neglected my blog, and my emails for the shop.  Sometimes people ask why we aren't open on Tuesday and Wednesday, here are a few of the projects we have been working on this week, on our days off.....
 Thats a wheelbarrow Herb did for a customer, its almost finished(my new truck in the background).
 This is a church pew I have been working on.
 This is one of the end pieces, wonder if that was lead paint?
 This is an oak hoosier I worked on all day today, someone had lined the inside with "cute" blue flowered contact paper that I am taking off with a heat gun and putty knife....its a slow process.
 This is Herbs project....he had to put a new gas line on this lawn mower, its going to Casey's tomorrow.
 The roses are really starting to bloom....pretty huh?  That red pump was a Christmas present from Chad and Meredith.....no, its not for sale.
Ok, these are my excuses for missing from the Bloggin World, I will try to do better, promise.
Jen at Just Country!


Cherry said...

You have been a busy gal. I love the new truck.

Cynthia said...

Look like we both got a pump for Christmas from our children as one of our gifts. It is pretty and I love it. You are correct, you are not a slacker. Great projects!!!! However, I did keep looking on the blog for new information. As far as the wheelbarrel, we (Libby, Lisa, Loneese, and myself) have really enjoyed our wheelbarrel although ours is black but is an asses to our spring and summer flower gardens.


Saltbox Farm said...

Gosh Addie, you mean it's not just "playin'shop" on the days you're open?
Love that truck!


Anonymous said...

Boy, that's alot of projects! Everything looks great! Your truck is cool and your roses are gorgeous!!!!!!!

Wendy from MO

Jen said...

Hey Cynthia, Our children know what we like, huh?
Glad you like your wheelbarrow, I know I love mine!