Monday, February 27

Table Squares

We have received several different table squares from Family Heirloom Weavers, this first one is Tennessee Lovers Knot, its 51x53.  Its done in brick/black and linen, we also have it in black and linen, and brick/linen.
 This next one is Grid number 6, in brick on linen, its 46x46.
 Heres another shot.
 In this picture, Dee took an old hide board and hung fly screens on it.  We are gearing up for Saturday, Spring Open House....remember, we will be closed on Friday.

Jen at Just Country!


Cynthia said...

Jenny, Dee, and Herbie,
Seems as if you are cranking up the primitive and country decorating ideas. We (Lib, Lisa, and myself) are ready for the big event on Saturday. We know it will be a huge success and we will certainly be happy to see all of our prim friends that we have met and enjoy interacting with since we have been attending your annual Open House. We think you have the nicest customers that make Open House a day to remember. For anyone whom has never had an opportunity to visit the shop or attend an Open House is missing out on “EXCITEMENT” and a “RELAXING” day in Raeford, North Carolina. Everything looks good as usually and we are sure it will be an awesome day.

Good luck on Saturday!!!!!!

Jen said...

Thank you Cynthia, what wonderful words, you, my friend have certainly started off my day off right!!!

Saltbox Farm said...

Love this idea Addie....great job Dee! I just might "borrow" it") Sure wish I could fly down and attend the Spring fling! No, not on my broom, either!!