Tuesday, February 21

Lots of New Things!

After the holidays the shop was getting pretty empty, but with two market trips and some antiquing trips, we are filling it back up, and there is more to come.  I made some calls yesterday and the vendors I ordered from assured me the rest will be here for spring open house, March 3.
 Linens from Family Heirloom Weavers....
 A cupboard we bought and redid, its not old, but whoever made it put alot of heart into it, we just didn't like the light finish so we did it in black over red.  This is a cantback.

 I don't usually buy white, but at the antique show we were at, this was the only cupboard we saw that we liked.  It would look really nice in a garden room.
 I bought several nice old scales from another shopkeeper, this is one of them.

We bought this cupboard from a lady, and it must have been in an leaky barn at one time, one side and the top were in bad shape, Herb replaced the top and part of the right side with some old boards and you can hardly tell, its a really nice old one, think its my favorite in the shop right now, and if I had a place for it, it would be here at home, cuz I LOVE it!


MEM said...

Wonderful selection of cupboards! First time visitor and certainly will be back.

TeresaM said...

Love the white cupboard! Your shop looks great!

Anonymous said...

I gotta say the white one's my favorite too! :0) I love how you have the bed set up...your displays are so wonderful!


Cherry said...

As always you have found some treasures.