Saturday, December 4

Light Stems and Light Stem garlands!

This first picture is one of the trees we bought 3 years ago, it was a real tree, and I wanted to keep it, and use it for display after the needles fell off, but would you believe after 3 years those needles are still hanging on there??? Its all brown and so primitive looking, I do get some weird looks now and then, and I did hear a man whisper something to his wife about me having the brown dead trees, ya gotta love it.....right?
This is the laundry tree, we stained some clothes pins, wrapped some homespun around them and they make a cute ornament tree for your laundry room.

And here are the light stems, some in the crock, and the garlands are mixed in with greenery on the mantel, when I took them out of the package, I wasn't sure I liked them but when I put them on the mantel, I loved them!
Jen at Just Country!

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