Saturday, December 11

Just Two Weeks Left!

Friday Frenzy has passed, we had a really nice day, and a fun day too, got to visit with our good friends Yvette and Sharon from Raleigh, and lots of others. We had alot of silliness going on and one man asked us where our wine cellar was? The winners of the 25.00 gift certificates were Sue George, Fayetteville, and Evette Clements, Raleigh.
Now we only have two weeks left, I know alot of you are ready, but this ol gal sure isn't! Need to kick into gear!
Jen at Just Country!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where your wine cellar is too. LOL!
Good to hear you had a fun can't be all work and no play. Hope you have another day filled with silliness!

Jen said...

Karen, Even I don't know where the wine cellar is....LOL!